Prenatal in-person classes starting in January

More Details About my Class

I am qualified Prenatal, Postnatal and Mother & Baby Yoga teacher (YAP-Specialist Teacher).

Things I am qualified to teach:

Prenatal Yoga – second and third trimester of pregnancy

Prenatal Yoga – preparation for labour

Postnatal Yoga –from 6 weeks postpartum following uncomplicated delivery

Postnatal Yoga for Diastasis Recti

Mother & Baby Yoga –from as soon as mum is well enough to attend and up until babies are mobile (pre-crawlers).

Why Prenatal Yoga?

What if I told you there is one form of exercise that-if practiced consistently during pregnancy- has the potential to reduce anxiety, relieve depression, positively influence duration of labour and modality of birth? Well, there is such thing and it’s what I love teaching: it’s prenatal yoga! 😊

But let’s take a closer look at some of the main benefits that may arise from a consistent yoga practice during pregnancy:

‘The evidence highlights positive effects of pregnancy yoga on anxiety, depression, perceived stress, mode of birth and duration of labour’ (Corrigan et al 2022)

Emotional benefits:

  1. Provides a safe space for the mother to rest, relax and reconnect with herself and her baby.
  2. Can help manage anxiety and pre-natal depression and promote self-esteem.
  3. Offers the chance to meet other like-minded women and gain a sense of community.
  4. Can help improve acceptance of pregnancy including any physical and emotional changes.

Physical benefits:

  1. Yoga asana can help make physical space so she is more comfortable in her body.
  2. Can increase her stamina which prepares her for birth and the demands of early motherhood.
  3. Helps relieve tension in achy muscles, especially in the lower back, shoulders, and neck area and may improve sleep.
  4. Can help encourage optimal foetal positioning which may result in a smoother birth.

Prenatal yoga is suitable from the second trimester and is generally safe throughout the remainder of pregnancy and up until labour and birth- with the only exception of a small number of health concerns.

It can be tailored to each trimester as well as to each woman’s particular needs and circumstances at that moment in time.

Whether you’re a regular yogi or completely new to this practice, you are welcome to join my thriving community of mums-to-be in Bridgwater and/or online 😊

I can’t wait to meet you and connect with you!